Plastics Technology

PRESSBLOWER-Injection Blow Moulders for the automobile industry

Ossberger's Plastics Technology division optimised the PRESSBLOWER process for the production of boots and bellows made of thermoplastic elastomers like:

  • constant velocity joint boots
  • rack & pinion boots
  • bellows, sleeves and dust covers for shock absorbers
  • jounce bumpers for suspension struts

The success of the PRESSBLOWER Injection Blow Moulders has good reason: all over the world the automotive industry as well as their sub-suppliers prefer the PRESSBLOWER process if the production of boots and bellows is required.

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You may also download two mpg files as brief introductions to the production process on PRESSBLOWER DSE 140 (file size 11,1 MB) or on PRESSBLOWER SB2/60 (file size 7,9 MB).

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