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Revolutionary industrial inline cleaning

It is our ambition to think things in a new way. In our Surface Technology this has lead to a procedure that is both efficient and simple. The OSSBERGER Coli-Cleaner is the solution for line integrated parts cleaning on the market.

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Postprocessing for Additive Manufacturing

Enabling industrial additive manufacturing with automated unpack and depowdering solutions of 3d printed SLS/MJF polymer part.



We have the procedure. The OSSBERGER Coli-Cleaner is much faster, more efficient and less polluting than competitive processes. All model types require only one meter of space, clean in the production cycle and allow the direct further processing of the parts. In addition, the Coli-Cleaner scores with high availability, very short set-up times, low resource consumption and a short payback period.

Direct processing

The Coli-Cleaner focuses on vibration and fluid mechanics in the cleaning of parts.
This means that heat, water or chemical cleaning agents can be largely avoided. This leads to reduced and more efficient use of resources, but above all to a high tolerance of fluctuating dirt load and thus to a high reproducibility of the final result. Since the parts neither get warm nor wet, the workpieces have room temperature and are dry - thus direct further processing without cooling lines is possible. Cycle times of a few seconds are standard for the Coli-Cleaner.


100 percent automatable

The Coli-Cleaner technology is based on the consistent implementation of an idea in tailor-made accordance with the level of dirt and the desired cleaning result. From the basic solution, even special requirements can be implemented with little effort. Coli-Cleaner inline cleaning can be 100 percent automated, avoids cumbersome or manual parts transport, product carriers as well as material stocks and delivers excellent results.


The core process of the Coli-Cleaner. 

The parts to be cleaned are put into vibration. Due to the vibration, releasing forces act on the solid and liquid dirt that adheres to the parts. The released particles are sucked off with an air flow and can be recycled. The parts become clean all around because the vibration puts them in a kind of floating state and thus no contact surfaces are created.

The vibration acts on the entire surface of the workpiece, eliminating the influence of cavities that are difficult to access. The procedure excels with extremely low energy consumption, thus ensuring a very short payback period for the investment. Dry cleaning easily meets the requirements of most industrial manufacturing processes.


The combined process of the Coli-Cleaner. 

In case of increased demands on the cleanliness of parts, dry cleaning is combined with wet chemical processes. In this way, even the smallest oil films can be removed from the workpiece which can then be sent grease-free to the next production step. The Coli-Cleaner process is applied both before and after wet chemical cleaning. Very long bath service lives can thus be achieved, system availability can be increased and consistent cleaning quality can be guaranteed. With the help of the Coli-Cleaner, no heat is required for subsequent drying and the previously applied cleaning agent can be recycled. The floating condition enables a complete rinsing and drying of the work piece. This allows the parts to be wetted with a constant film thickness according to customer requirements.

Application examples

Over the past decade, the Coli-Cleaner has been strongly established in the market. After its integration into existing lines, OSSBERGER Surface Technology is increasingly being installed as standard in new lines. The customers we supply worldwide range from medium-sized companies to large international corporations. The Coli-Cleaner is used for intermediate cleaning as well as for final cleaning in the industrial 4.0 automotive production.

Development and innovation

The development in the field of Surface Technology focuses on new applications in the process-safe wetting of parts. The perfect interplay of vibration technology and fluid mechanics allows constant fluid films to be applied to the entire workpiece, which are so thin, for example, that subsequent automatic workpiece measurement can be carried out to an accuracy of a few micrometers.

Development Surface Technology

Did you know...

that the humming bird we copied our "Coli-Cleaner" from is the fastest vertebrate in the world in relation to its body size? It can take off at ten times the speed of gravity. His fast wing beat helps him do this. The humming bird flutters 40 to 50 times a second. The smallest bird in the world inspired us to develop a revolutionary cleaning technique. One that shakes off dirt, if you will. 

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