Machine platform FS

Powder recycling and cleaning without media

A large part of the 3D printing costs is post-processing. There is adequate potential in this working step by automatic unpacking and de-powdering. With the new FINISH platform we unpack workpieces autonomously or automatically, remove and recycling the quality residual powder, and conditioning it in the machine. Degraded powder is removed without media.


Dust-free: healthy employees and safe machines

The employee no longer has any contact with the component or powder: there is negative pressure in the working chamber so that no dust can escape. Vacuum airflow and filtration ensure the health of employees and machine. The absence of dust outside the machine forms the basis for continuous ATEX protection.

High reproducibility

A highly reproducible and purely mechanical process: under constant force a defined material flow is created, which forms the core process. The process stability guarantees damage-free components with consistently high surface quality.

Efficiency & sustainability

The low energy consumption, the omission of compressed air and process auxiliary materials (e.g. cleaning media) form the basis for an economically and ecologically sustainable system. Raw materials can thus be recycled. Furthermore, the space consumption in the production environment is very low.

High throughput

Designed for high output rates about 1 liter of material (parts & powder) per minute.


Complete automation of unpacking and de-powdering workflows. Generation of a continuous material flow.



  • Semi-automatic unpacking system
  • Unpacking of P1 print jobs
  • Unpacking and de-powdering by vibration


  • Additional channel for inline fine sieved powder
  • Powder connection EOS Multibox



  • Simple and efficient unpacking of print containers
  • Processing of a wide range of workpiece variants in weight and size
  • Cleaning and collection of printed workpieces in the print container, no transfer necessary
  • Very simple operation of the system with high availability



  • Fully automated unit
  • Unpacking of build containers
  • Cooling by surface convection
  • Unpacking and de-powdering by vibration
  • Powder sieving
  • Dry pre-cleaning
  • Separation of degraded powder
  • Establishment of workpiece circuits
  • Standardized communication via OPC-UA


  • Powder conditioner - homogenization and mixing



  • Inline sieve and precise mixing ratios
  • High and gentle material throughput
  • Very low operating costs and space requirements


  • Optionally, direct powder connection to the printer

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