Extremely simple, fantastically efficient

The patented OSSBERGER® Crossflow Turbine operates at heads from 2.5 up to 200 meters. We have developed this turbine type especially for small hydropower. Currently, it is available with outputs of up to 6 megawatts. Even at very low water flows it reliably supplies energy and copes excellently with fluctuating water volumes. This is achieved by two cells inside the turbine, which can operate independently of each other. The small unit only requires 5% of the design water volume to start the turbine. 

Therefore, OSSBERGER® Crossflow Turbines operate almost all year round, even when other turbine types have long since stopped working.

Concentrating on the essential criteria of good hydropower design principles makes the original OSSBERGER® Crossflow Turbine very robust. Operational lifetimes of many decades are the rule. The secret of its success is simplicity: only three moving parts ensure minimum maintenance and maximum technical reliability.



H = 2.5 to 200 m



N = 15 to 6 000 kW



Q = 0.04 to 17 m³/s

Flow pattern

Vertical flow
Horizontal flow

Why Ossberger?

We configure every plant precisely and individually according to the requirements of your project. 
As the market leader we offer:

Technical Superiority

  • Highly efficient use of widely varying flows 
  • Proverbial simplicity (only three moving parts)
  • No axial thrust (low-maintenance bearings)
  • Drop weights for emergency closing without external energy
  • Self-cleaning effect of the runner

Cost Savings

  • Rapid amortisation
  • Simple construction works
  • Time-saving and uncomplicated installation
  • High operational availability
  • Minimal maintenance without special tools
  • No standstill due to external influences
  • Spare parts requirements extremely low

Ossberger Quality

  • Significant efficiency advantage over competitor products
  • Calibrated and hydraulically perfect guide vanes
  • Maintenance-free guide vane bearings
  • Flow-hydraulically optimized runner profile
  • Durable grease lubricated runner bearings
  • Maintenance-free shaft sealing
  • Industrial components with a long service life

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