Cleaning machine Coli-Cleaner L

If higher demands are placed on the purity of parts, dry cleaning is combined with a wet chemical process, so that a 3-stage process is achieved. Even the thinnest oil film can thus be removed from the work piece, which may then be sent to the next production step free of grease. The Coli-Cleaner process is applied before and after the wet chemical cleaning. Very long bath service lives can thus be achieved, the availability of the unit increased and a constant cleaning quality guaranteed. Thanks to the Coli-Cleaner, there is no need for heat in the subsequent drying process, and the cleaning agent which has been used before can be recycled. The floating condition enables complete rinsing and drying of the work piece. Parts can therefore be wetted with a constant film thickness according to customer requirements.

The work pieces to be cleaned are taken up by the Coli-Cleaner at the transfer position and pushed through the cleaning channel one after the other, where they are cleaned under vibration as well as with air and media flow. The cleaned parts have room temperature, are dry and positioned correctly at the outlet for the follow-up process.

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