Cleaning machine Coli-Cleaner S

The parts to be cleaned are put into vibration. The vibration exerts solving forces on the solid and liquid pollution adhering to the pieces. The freed particles are extracted by air suction and can be recycled. Workpieces get cleaned all around, as vibration produces a kind of floating condition without contact areas.

Vibration affects the entire work piece surface, eliminating the influence of cavities difficult to access. The procedure excels in extremely low energy consumption, ensuring a very short payback period. Dry cleaning easily fulfils the requirements of most industrial production processes.

The workpieces to be cleaned are taken up by the Coli-Cleaner at the transfer position and pushed through the cleaning channel one after the other, where they are cleaned under vibration as well as with air flow. The cleaned parts have room temperature, are dry and positioned correctly at the outlet for the follow-up process.

The removed medium is separated from solid particles and recycled. It can be supplied to the upstream process again.

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